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Happy Teacher's Day Plus Happy Anniversary

edison Tuesday, October 5, 2010 , , , , ,
The sun shines up too good today! Thanks the Creator for He gives this wonderful day a very wonderful sun.

Well, it is a double celebration day (although there's no food and drinks to share)! Today is the World Teacher's Day so I know the whole Earth is giving tribute to them. Why not? They are the ones who really built this world for what it is right now. And it is a pleasure for me to join them in building the future.

I just want to say thank you to those who built me for what I am now. Thanks to mama (my first teacher), Ma'am Laura (my teacher at the Day Care Center), my elementary teachers and my high school teachers (Sorry for I can't remember all of your names. But it's not the name that counts.), and ofcourse, to my college teachers for building me to be good in the path that I choose to go. I am not going to state all of your names. Like what I have said, it's not your names that counts. But then, I would like to give a special mention to those who give the biggest impact to my learning. Thanks to you Sir Mame, Ma'am Majou (nakaka-miss ka ma'am), to the Heads, Sir Mon (dean), Ma'am Donna (IT head and my department head), and to my ninang Ma'am Cherrie (CoE Head). It is my pleasure to join your team in building the youth though I am just a newbie and there are more that I need to learn. Thanks so much for everything you have taught (academics and advise). More Power to all of you!

Aside from this world-wide celebration, my parents is now celebrating their 24th Wedding Anniversary. Honestly, I forgot this occassion until my father called from abroad to greet my mother.

I know, parents, you took all the risks for us. I hope that I could pay you for that someday. I don't want this post to be dramatic but my tears starts building as I am typing on this part. I need to cut it down. Ma, Pa, I love you and Happy Anniversary.

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Mokong™ said...

Sa lahat ng naging teacher sa kindergarden, elementary, highschool, college at review center... HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!

Kris Edison said...

Tama! Hehe!

majoubel said...

thank you.....nakakatouch naman...good luck....

Rah said...

hello, inadd na kita sa links :) pls check it :)


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