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Have A Break? Or Not?

edison Tuesday, October 12, 2010 ,
Yah! There are times we felt that we are so much tired of something or maybe of everything. We are tired physically, emotionally, or maybe mentally. There are times that we are just like a lowbatt machine. We are not perfect at all. We need to charge ourself to have more strength for another challenge.

But if what we got tired and yet we are not finished in a challenge? Do we deserve a rest? Or maybe, it is better to continue? Is taking a break is also taking a risk for what are possible to be lost?

There are too many questions that are running and keep on ruining my mind. They say that it must always be mind over everything! But I think I am in the stage of paranoia that my mind keeps on thinking of those things that it must not thinking. I hate thinking of those things! I am sorry that I can't post those things here because of personal reasons. I just want to show what I feel.

It is very hard! Harder than what you think of. It is like on the line of the Green Day's song 21 Guns, "Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone." No hope! I can't find even a little! And I am so tired but afraid to take a rest for I might lost everything that I have built!

I thought that I already survived this. I thought that I have already won this game! But I was wrong! I was very wrong! And now I can't find a way to make everything right.

Please! Stop the time so I can have a rest!

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