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Be an Online Freelancer

Before we proceed, if you are new in online money-making, I am inviting you to read my other article entitled "First Two Steps to Make Money Online". Because, the article below was actually a continuation post of that article.

Click here to read First Two Steps to Make Money Online.

According to my pocket dictionary, the word freelancer rooted from the word freelance. It was written there that the word freelance is an adjective which means "self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments". So, the freelancer is the noun to whom this adjective describes.

But what about an online freelancer? Actually, being an online freelancer is one of the best ways to make money from the Internet nowadays. This is done by just doing someone's presentation, creating a logo for a company, writing an article, coding a program in a particular programming language, etc.

I am very sure that a "you" is a master in a particular field. A "you" can do something that "they" cannot. And because of this reason, "they" need a "you" to do that particular work and "they" are willing to pay for that service that "you" will provide. And "you" will be doing all of that on your own schedule and in the comfort of "your" own home.

For this, I am inviting you to join Odesk. Odesk is an online place where online job providers and online freelancers meet. Register and complete your online resume and start bidding on a particular job you desire. The website is very user-friendly. It won't take too long for you to study how this site works. And don't worry, Odesk won't eat you!

Click here to create an account on Odesk and start earning.

Oh wait! I have here something more! How about getting paid by doing very easy tasks like following someone's twitter, liking someone's facebook, bookmarking some web pages, commenting on someone's post, signing up in a websites, etc. Sounds too easy and a joke, right? But I am not kidding! There are some people out there that are paying to do such very easy tasks for atleast $0.10 up to $1 or more depending on the tasks' difficulty. I am actually a member of sites with that feature. I am inviting you to join them too. They are MicroWorkers, JobBoy, MinuteWorkers, MyEasyTask, and MiniJobz. Actually, there are other sites that are similar to them, but those five are my favorites. It is not just because of easy-earning reasons. It is actually fun earnining with them.

Click here to create an account on MicroWorkers.
Click here to create an account on JobBoy.
Click here to create an account on MinuteWorkers.
Click here to create an account on MyEasyTask.
Click here to create an account on MiniJobz.

Just a reminder, before joining those sites, register to PayPal first.

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Thanks and enjoy!

Again, I am Leick! 


devil_under_light said...

i myself firsthandedly experienced some of this sites and i think its really not that productive. the money you earn do not compensate for your time spent to accomplish a task. on the other hand, what's good about earning online is the convenience of being able to do it inside the comfort of your home. but if you're really serious about making money, nothing beats working mainstream. hope that helps!

Leick said...

Thanks for your comment. I appreciated it. Maybe you could share some of your known money-making sites. Yeah I agree that nothing beats working mainstream but I am just sharing alternatives as part-time job.^^

BTW, thanks a lot for visiting and commenting.


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