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Pay Day 093010

edison Thursday, September 30, 2010 ,
Undeniably! Pay day is one of those days that most people are waiting for. Why not? This would be the day when their pocket will be fulfilled once again. Just like me!

Despite of being happy on this day, I am still worried and sad. I know that those money will immediately gone by the next few days. There are lots of needs to buy. I really don't have any extra to put on my savings and other wants.

But it's ok. I know one day my rate will go higher little by little. One day, I will be richer. One day, I am the one to be called "Boss". I am not losing hope. And I am going to work hard for that.
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greenangel said...

I agree with this! :)

Kris Edison said...

naks! may blog ka na pala wana! follow mo ko.. hehehe

I am Xprosaic said...

naku dumaan lang sa akin ang sweldo ko... may binili kasi... hehehehhehe

Kris Edison said...

@ XP: ganun nga talaga..dumadaan lang talaga..hehe!xlinks ulit tayo sir..

Lord CM said...

hehehe sino bang hindi naghihintay ng sweldo? kaso problema parang dumadaan lang sa palad ko eh :D

salamat nga pala sa pagdalaw sa pahina ko, add po kita :)

Traveliztera said...

One step at a time... Aim high, shoot low for the moment until you reach that "highness" because if you shoot too high, you might just fall down right away. The best things in life are those that had been worked hard on. ;)

Sure no prob with the xLinks...
I added you up to my blog list. :)

Kris Edison said...

Wow! Lalo ako nainspire sa comment mo traveliztera.. salamat po..add ko na link mo..

Mokong™ said...

Sweldo!!! Wahhh anu yun? hindi ko man lang nga natitikman yan. Parang wala lang yan sa akin... payslip lang natitira...hehehe

Kris Edison said...

Sa akin nga itinatapon ko na ang payslip kasi sumasama ang loob ko.. Hehehe!


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